Church of the Crossroads - Small Group Directory
This is the list of our current small groups. Find the group that fits best and connect with leader.
Group Name 
Meeting Day(s) 
Leader Email 
Men and Women GroupI Care OutreachWednesday 6:30PMRob West rob_west@live.comI Care Group is for people who love reaching out into the community to actively participate in sharing the life-giving message of Jesus. We will meet weekly for devotion, fellowship, and potluck as we make plans to serve our community. Edit...X
Men and Women GroupNext Step groupWednesday 6:30PMDonnie Waldropdwaldrop@churchofthecrossoads.comNext Steps group helps build a foundation for individuals that want to grow more in Christ. In the group, we will discuss the important steps that will help one follow Gods plan for their life. Edit...X
Women's GroupEdgeWednesday 6:30PMJosie Killough and Kathy Bestthekilloughs@yahoo.comThe Edge group is a support group for single moms. This group will help you connect with other ladies and building life-changing relationships. Edit...X
Men's GroupMens LunchTuesday11:30PMDonnie Waldropdwaldrop@churchofthecrossroads.comThe group is men eating together at a variety of restaurants and building lasting friendships.Edit...X
Women's GroupThe Power of a Praying WifeWednesday 6:30PMCarley Nunley and Lindsey McFallscarly-nichole@hotmail.comThis is group will be at my house on Wednesday night and the group will focus on wives coming together to learn how to better pray as a wife. We will build relationships through discussing the the book The power of a of a Praying wife which can be purchased on Amazon for $10.45. Childcare is available during that time at the church. Edit...X
Women's GroupRun/Walk GroupMonday 5:00AMMelanie and walking together while building lasting relationships. Corinth Coke 10k preparation training. Edit...X
Men's GroupIronmen Running groupMonday 6:15PMJared Hightjhight@churchofthecrossroads.comIronmen group is a group of guys growing with God while running some miles. We will meet every Monday morning at 6:15 to run the Corinth 10k run route. Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.Edit...X
Men and Women GroupThe Link Wednesday GroupWednesday 6:30PMMarcus Corneliusmarcus.cornelius@yahoo.comDiscover the bible while building great friendships. Edit...X
Men's GroupPing PongTuesday 6:00PMIsrael Orozcoizzyguitar@gmail.comCome play the greatest game every played, Ping Pong. All you need to bring is a paddle and be ready to have a great time. Edit...X
Men's GroupBusiness men lunchThursday12:00PMAmos Mcfallsamcfalls@churchofthecrossroads.comBusiness Men eating and fellowship.Edit...X
Women's GroupLadies Wednesday GroupWednesday 6:30PMPam Hight and Sarah Walkerhightmom@gmail.comLadies group is a time where we can have a great time building relationships and discussing the word of God through a variety of resources. This semester our study will be discussing the book called "Giddy Up, Eunice" (Because women need each other), by Sophie Hudson. Edit...X
Women's GroupWednesday Night Ladies GroupWednesday 6:30PMKathy Fowler and Debbie McFallskfowler@mrhc.orgThis group is women growing together in Christ while studying Gods word. This semester we will discuss the book Defiant Joy by Candace Payne. The workbook will be $8.50. Edit...X
Women's GroupUnique LadiesTuesday 1:00PMGail Langeuinglangeuin16@gmail.comCome and join the party. We meet at various houses in the Corinth Community and have great fellowship. Edit...X
Men's GroupMens Wednesday night groupWednesday 6:30PMGlenn Fowlergfowler@ace-power.comMen studying Gods word while building friendships. Edit...X