Church of the Crossroads - Small Group Directory
This is the list of our current small groups. Find the group that fits best and connect with leader.
Group Name 
Meeting Day(s) 
Leader Email 
Couples GroupCouples Family nightThursday 6:30PMJared Edit...X
Women's GroupStretch and Tone Fitness- Deb JanoskoMonday 6:30PMDeb Edit...X
Men's GroupTHE CONVERSATION - Ethan Estes and Ben RussellTuesday 6:30PMEthan Estes and Ben Edit...X
Men's GroupMEN'S RUN GROUP - Jared HightMonday 6:30AMJared Edit...X
Students & CollegeADULTING & JESUS - Madison CorneliusThursday 7:00PMMadison Edit...X
Open to AnyoneTHE BALANCED LIFE - Nelson Hight and Aaron HightWednesday 6:30PMNelson Hight and Aaron Edit...X
Open to AnyoneFaith, Fun and FellowshipSunday 6:00PMEddie and Debbie Edit...X
Men's GroupMEN'S THURSDAY LUNCH - Amos McFallsThursday12:00PMAmos Edit...X
Men and Women GroupCOUPLES HANG-OUT - Brian and Lisa DavisTuesday 6:30PMBrian & Lisa Edit...X
Men's GroupWednesday Night Study - Bill GiffordWednesday 6:30PMBill Edit...X
Women's GroupCome Thirsty - Kathy FowlerWednesday 6:30PMKathy Edit...X
Men's GroupMEN'S SOCCER - Amos McFallsSaturday 6:00AMAmos Edit...X
Women's GroupJosie Killough GroupTuesday 6:30PMJosie Edit...X
Men's GroupFIGHT CLUB - Alan BaileyTuesday 7:00PMAlan Edit...X
Open to AnyoneTHE VOICE - Rob and Elizabeth WestWednesday 6:30PMRob and Elizabeth Edit...X
Women's GroupChoose Joy -- Pam HightWednesday 6:30PMPam Edit...X
Open to AnyoneCREATE AND DECORATE - Warren and Beth RossiMonday 5:30PMWarren and Beth Edit...X
Men's GroupMEN'S TUESDAY LUNCH - Donnie WaldropTuesday11:30AMDonnie Edit...X
Women's GroupUNIQUE LADIES - Gail LangevinTuesday12:00PMGail Edit...X
Couples GroupGrowing Couples - Amos and Lindsey McFallsWednesday 6:30PMAmos and Lindsey Edit...X
Men's GroupWednesday Men's Study - Glen FowlerWednesday 6:30AMGlen Edit...X
Women's GroupGRANDMA AND ME - Pam BeaversSaturday 4:00PMPam Edit...X
Women's GroupGIRL TALK BRUNCH - Daphne NicholsSaturday11:30AMDaphne Edit...X
Women's GroupWomen's Run Group - Melanie MillsMonday 5:00AMMelanie Edit...X
Open to AnyoneNEXT STEPS - Donnie WaldropWednesday 6:30PMDonnie Edit...X
Women's GroupVictorious EmotionsTuesday 7:00PMLexie Edit...X
Women's GroupSTRONG WIVES - Mayce BurroughsTuesday 6:30PMMayce Edit...X
Open to AnyoneThe Link - Marc and Mandy CorneliusWednesday 6:30PMMarc and Mandy Edit...X
Women's GroupUninvited - Kathy BestWednesday 6:30PMKathy Edit...X